Independent Al

Reflections on Al Snow-By Dale Pierce

My name is Dale Pierce.From 1979 until the mid 1990's when everyone became"smart" and the face of the wrestling world changed,I had a dandy little arrangement writing about me and mine,under my Manager roles as Mad Dog Marcial Bovee(1979-1985)and The Time Traveler(1985-1998).It was oddly enough,under neither alies,that I meet and worked for Al Snow.

In 1994 we(my Wife and I)spent some seven months on the Ohio/Indiana border,in preperation for an even too permenant move out of Arizona.I had heard a friend in Ohio,Phyllis Lee,speak highly of Al Snow,but wouldn't have known him from Adam if I meet him at the time

When we passed through Lima,in route from Fort Wayne,I decided I'd give Bodylammers a call,to see if they were running shows.I got hold of Al on the phone,recognized his name and we set up a meeting at his school downtown,a reamed out Masonic Lodge.We has a nice talk,and spoke of working,but the problem was his budget,as he mainly used his students on the cards.I told him we would just check out a show up coming and later if we(my Wife and I) could work out terms,we'd work the card.

I wasn't sure what to expect when we sat watching the show but soon learned Phyllis Lee's boasts were not ill founded.All of the trainies were tramendous.Steve Nixon,Maniac Mark Mustang,Lance Gunn,Zebra Kid(later Blue Meanie in ECW and WWF) Ray"Crippler"Roberts,Jimmy Vee,Johnny Bradford-all were great!Then came Al versus Sabu(keep in mind this was when they were pretty much wrestlings best kept secret)>My first thoughts were"Okay.lets see what these bastards can do"20 minutes later,I was telling my Wife"Do you believe what those bastards did!"A great bout,but I thought they were both completely crazy!

We were determined to go to the next show just to watch,when Al said there was an opening.Johnny Bradford was out and they needed a new manager for Maniac Mark Mustang.The only thing was,Al worked a "Doctor routine"in keeping with the Maniac-and he told me"you look like a Doctor",thus the Time Traveler and Rainbow became a Doctor and a female psycheatrest,easy enough! The only problem was a name.My Wife became Nurse,then Dr. Goodheart and I was originally dubbed Dr. Evan Rendall(the Doctor from the movie Dr. Giggles,out a year before-until we come up with something new!.The next show I became Dr. Craven Moorehead(sound it out)Well,anyway,I was working for a group I definately wanted to work with and so almost kicking and screaming all the way against the name/routine change,I became a mad Doctor! I didn't think it would fly,but Al had an idea,know his audience,and it did work.

The first show I managed Mark Mustang against a masked guy.Afterwards,I didn't engage in much conversation.In fact,after this as well as subsaquently,post bout conversation went like this....

Dale:Al,was that pretty much what you wanted?

Al:Yes,thank you!

Things ended when we made our return to Arizona and for better or worse I went back to The Time Traveller.(Some people loved what I did-others hated and still hate it-ask me if I care anyway) Al of course signed with the WWF shortly afterward,so his own promotion faded as well.In looking back,it was a fun time though.I had and still have the deepest respect for Al

The last time we crossed paths was in a Dayton show in 1998.I was managing two regional guys and he was brought in to have a bout with a guy called Atomic Rhino,By now,he and the HEAD were over big time.I havent seen him since.He was older and more developed and he'd lost none of his skill,but he was scarcely as suicidal as in his earlier bouts with Sabu.(I Honestly think the WWF schedule was grinding him down.)Unlike after WWF's on loan at this indie show though,Al DID nut out!

I heard on a WWF shot,Al claimed to be a Time Traveler and talked to Lincoln,or something.The smarks all were quick to jump on the band wagon(especially my critecs)and claim Al was making fun of me! If so I can't figure why,as I didn't use that role on his card,and he never saw it.More than likely an inside joke?Al always liked to incorporate bits and pieces of other peoples stuff into his own role.If I was the role model in mind I'm flattered not angered.It would in this respect be nice if some of the net people would shut their damn mouths if they don't know all the facts.Ether way it dosn't matter though as I'm no longer"working" and have moved on to other things.

I'm glad Al could stick it out.His survival and rise to fame is the result of a factor,I've never been personally capable of,changing with the times! He's been able to repeatedly alter and modify himself where I haven't.I can't cope with changes in todays wrestling.He could and did-and I am honestly glad to see him get the respect he deserves even if he dosn't want to be a Time Traveler!

As a trainer,I can't speak for Al's methods.I can only attest to the results,which I saw in so many of his trainees.All of them were execptonally good.(keep in mind also,this was a time when everbody and his brother was running a school,most of whom just specialized in ripping people off for their money,without showing the suckers anything.)Al clearly was differant.He not only took pride in his students,but guided them pretty well.

Steve Nixon,Ray Roberts,Pete the Pirate,Mark Mustang,Rich Matrix,and more,are/were all very very good. I'd also like to throw in Logan Caine,Al's half-brother,who was on that last Ohio card Al and I were on in 1998.Logan is damned near as good as Al,and he too,is a force to watch.He impressed the hell out of me.Just as I know in 1994,Al was a star waiting to be picked up and recognized,Logan is much the same.Hopefully his time will come.

I'm really not sure what else to say.When the webmaster wanted me to write about my experiances with Al,I was originally going to say no,until I found the site and thought twice about it,This is of course,just a general overview of my dealings with Al Snow.Later I may do something more in-depth,but thats for another time and day.

I am however glad to be given a forum to speak on my experinces with Al Snow.They were all favorable and out brief stint for his office remines one of the positive memories I have about the wrestling world and managing (one of the few positive memories from the 1990's) I'm glad to see Al gain the respect he deserves.<

The Other "Snow"-Two Al's are better then One

By Dale Pierce

Much has been said about Al Snow, less about his 1/2 brother, Logan Caine, who wrestles out of the Dayton area rather than Al's longtime Lima homebase.

My first exposure to both of these guys at once came in a July 1998 show in the suburbs of Dayton. I can not recall the Town, but know it was in a High School. The show operated by this Autograph/Merchendice dealer geek, who again, I can't think of by name. I know Maniac Mark Mustang, an Al Snow trainee and associate of mine, booked the card, with the dealer being in the forefront.

Al had a match with a new guy who called himself the Atomic Rhino and they built it up big on their cable to talk shows, with Rhino doing all the hype. Al, on loan one day from the WWF wasn't there to do the promos, so the responsibility fell on the new guy to get the work built up for their encounter.

I saw the talk shows and Interviews, which were suitable, but the guy was green and it showed. He did however, do a decent job, a brave attempt at promoting to do all kinds of things to the popular WWF "Superstar".

The bout was pretty routine, though I only caught glimpses of it. Al and the HEAD were over big time, Predictably, he made short work of the lumbering Rhino and everone was made happy.

It was Logan Caine, the "Other Snow" that made an impression on me, as I had more direct dealing with him. My assignment was managing two new guys, Hardcore Crazies, Real Deal and Bio-Hazord, with us pitted against Gilberg and Logan. I dreaded it.

Whenever a "Superstar" is on an Indie card it usually means he is gonna stick a gullible promotion for a fortune and do nothing in return. Hardcore guys tend to break stuff and make it so that you to not be invited back to buildings. And Brothers of Superstars!, Good God, liberate me from Brothers, as every Brother I ever encountered was a Prima Donna pain in the ass!

All the Chemistry for this bout felt wrong to me and I pretty much let Mustang know it before a show. "Thanks a lot" I remember telling him, and I meant it with the utmost sarcasm, when I saw video of the guys I'd be Managing! I was none to pleased!

When the bout started, I was even less enthusiastic. Some fifteen minutes later when the bout was over, I had a whole new out look on life. The new guys ended up being quite good and I do mean it.

Gilberg put out like a man who would be wrestling his last bout ever, rather than going through the motions - and Logan - well, the Brother was damn near as good as Al! From my standpoint, I left the arena with a song in my heart, a smile on my lips, a light feeling within my bowels, and all good things like that.The bout was tremendous from many elements, or so it seemed from my vantage point. Plus, my Hardcore boys won!

Since this site is aimed at Al and assoccates, I'll keep my focus on "Little Brother". Let's just say Little Brother impressed the hell out of me - and no one can accuse him of riding Al's coattails, as the Logan Cain name intentionally swerved a lot of people from making the connection.

Watching Logan in the ring was pretty much like watching a pre-WWF Al. He used many of the same moves, but he came out there as a no nonsense hero - no leers, no HEADs, no gimmickry and did his thing, like Indie Al used to do in Lima, (understand, I am not knocking Al's WWF antics at all, I'm mearly pointing out the difference between Al then, Al now and how much Logan resembles the Al of the early 1990's). Like Al back then Logan may be the Indies best kept secret of the 2000's.

Never saw either of the Brothers after that card. Al of course is still with the WWF, while as for all I know, Logan is making the rounds with various Indies in the east and midwest. If you get a chance, I'd reccamend seeing him. He is one of the best of the newer guys that I've seen. It would be a hell of a thing to see the two of them (Al and Logan) teamed up some place. That would be something, I personally would buy a ticket for and sit in the stands to see.

Tony Myers/USWA

Al Snow was a W.W.F. answer to Tony Myers' U.S.W.A./Power Pro career in Memphis (only Tony quit the business in late '99. Check this out:

Both are very good friends of Mic Foley (who lays into them both every chance he gets), Snow and Myers are both married and have two kids (Myers, 2 girls).

Myers was Super Hysteria at the same time Al was to start that World's Greatest Mexican wrestler gimmick. Myers was Wolverine (a wolfman gimmick/kinda a southern version of Shinobi if you think about it).

Myers did a few jobs in the W.W.F. as Jason Elliott right around the exact same time as Steve Moore was up there.

Myers was Dante of Mephisto and Dante who worked with PG-13 and the outfits looked similiar to Avatar.

Snow was Leif Cassidy (a real goofy name and gimmick) and Myers was Romeo Rodrigues or "Spanish Fly". Pretty erie all and all if someone actually takes the time to think about it and also you would have to know Myers because he was the worlds biggest Memphis mark and only wanted to go down there and did for about 5 1/2 years and he always had the carrot dangling on the stick and was told someday he'd be a great wrestler making top money because of his love for the business and work ethic only at least Snow succeeded and Tony Myers in now in New Jersey back in school taking computer courses.

Now if only they were the same age (Tony's 26), now that would be beyond scary!!!

Foley recks on both of us. I think some of the goofier things Snow always did was basically harrass the guys at the drive-through or the time he told Cornette that naturally he didn't know what to do in a squash 'cause up 'til that point in his life he had only been squashed.

I like how Al would just sit around and all of a sudden you'd hear someone yell, "Stop" at the top of their lungs and walk into the room and Foley would just be laughing.

Also one night I saw Val Venis run around the corner laughing and Snow came out of the stall pulling up his tights and then all you could hear is Snow wining to himself and apparently Snow had his stolen by Venis.

I still like the time Al posted the hotline for Pepper (the dog) and it was really Venis' home number that he rather quickly got changed after all kinds of phone calls came in at all hours of the night and Venis wasn't aware they taped that interview and couldn't understand why the certain logjam of phone calls that all of a sudden

7/23/94 Al vs Sabu/Ladder match for the first ever NWA World Independent Title

The belt is hanging from the celling

Al comes out to his theme music which is Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glidder,Al shakes hands with the fans,he raises a hand and says"Hey"along with the music,Al jumps the guardrail and walks up into the fans,sets between two male fans and with the music they raise their hands and say"Hey!",Al gets up and walks back to the ring only to find a fan wanting to give his hat to Al,Al takes the hat and puts it on his the fan a high five,Al starts to get in the ring but stops and turns and gives the hat back to the fan.

Sabu's music starts and out comes Sabu,Sabu jumps onto the time keeper's table then into the ring,the bell rings

Sabu runs for Al but Al backs away,Sabu gets up and tries for Al's feet again and messes and falls to the mat,Al grabs Sabu by the leg Sabu kicks Al off,Sabu jumps after Al again and messes,Al kicks Sabu pivks Sabu up by his hair and hits Sabu in the face,Sabu in turn hits Al in the tummy then to the face,Al kicks Sabu once.twice,and hits Sabu in the face,Sabu in turn lays one on Al sending Al to the turn buckle,Sabu kicks Al ,Sabu sends Al for the ride,Al hits the turn buckle and Sabu runs in and elbows Al to the face.

Sabu sends Al for the ride to the other side of the ring and Sabu runs in and elbows Al to the face again,Sabu hits Al in the face,then Sabu does a back flip,gets up only to have Al boot him to the face,Al shoves Sabu's face to the ring post,Al backs up and super kicks Sabu to the face,Sabu rolls out of the ring.

Al goes out after Sabu,Al tosses Sabu back into the ring,Al backs up Sabu and suplex's Sabu to the mat,Al points to the fans,picks up Sabu by his hair and kicks Sabu to the tummy,then kicks Sabu to the back,Sabu gets up off the mat only to have Al hit him in the face,Sabu slaps Al back,Sabu grabs Al's leg and trips Al to the mat,Sabu twists on Al's leg,stops and gives Al a kick,picks Al up off the mat and tosses Al outside the ring!

Sabu jumps over the ropes and onto Al,Sabu hits Al to the back of the head,picks up a chair and beans Al in the back,Al hits Sabu in the face,grabs the chair and hits Sabu in the Tummy,Al takes the chair and beans Sabu inthe back,Al drops the chair and picks Sabu up by the hair,tossing Sabu back into the ring

Al jumps into the ring locks up Sabu and suplex's Sabu across the ring ropes,Al jumps off the side rope and kicks Sabu in the face,Sabu rolls outside the ring!

Al goes after Sabu and hits Sabu with the bell,Al walks over to get the ladder,Sabu runs and hits Al knocking him to the floor,Sabu runs Al into the railing,Al gets up and drop kicks Sabu face first into the ladder,the ladder drops to the floor,Al sends Sabu for the ride onto the railing,Al gets the ladder and drags the ladder to the ring,Sabu rolls into the ring and drop kicks Al,the ladder lands on Al on his way to the mat.Sabu gets up and tries to land the ladder on Al but Al gets up and kicks Sabu,Al picks up the ladder and beans Sabu with the smaller end of the ladder,Al then slides the small end of the ladder into Sabu's face,Sabu gets up,Al hits Sabu in the face,Al tries to DDT Sabu onto the ladder only to have Sabu push Al backwards into the ladder!

Sabu picks up Al and sends him to the corner and kicks Al in the tummy knocking Al to the mat,Sabu sets up the ladder and starts climbing up,Al gets up and knocks Sabu off,Sabu hits Al's head with the ladder,Sabu power bombs Al to the mat,Sabu sets the ladder to the ring corner and climbs the ladder,lets the ladder drop.only to miss Al who falls to the outside of the ring!

Sabu is in pain from getting the worst of the ladder,Al jumps back into the ring gets Sabu in a front face lock and plants Sabu onto the ladder.Al climbs the top rope jumps and elbows Sabu on his way down,Al sets up the ladder and climbs up,Sabu gets up and starts shaking the ladder,Al falls off the ladder falls onto the ropes just missing Al,Sabu picks up the ladder and tosses it on Al,Sabu sets the ladder up again and climps half way up and jumps off to leg drop Al but Al moves out of the way,Al picks Sabu up by his hair and chops Sabu,Al sends Sabu for the ride but Sabu reverses it sending Al for the ride but Al stops with a Baseball slide,Al tries to DDT Sabu but Sabu knocks Al to the mat and leg drops Al.

Sabu back flips off the ropes onto Al, Sabu gets up and climbs the ladder half way up Al stops Sabu with a low blow,thet both fall off the ladder they both lay on the mat in pain!

Al is up first and body slams Sabu,Al jumps off the ropes and knees Sabu,again they lay on the mat in pain,Al is up first again and chops Sabu once,twice,three times,Al says"THATS IT!"Al jumps of the ropes again and tries to knee Sabu again bt Sabu puts his knees up and Al lands on them,Sabu sets the ladder up again and starts climbing up,Al gets up and starts climbing the ladder on the opposite side,to the top they go each trying to reach that belt!

Al hits Sabu to the face,Sabu hits Al,back and forth and back and forth,the ladder falls(some what with the help of ref Pee Wee)Sabu and Al land on the mat in pain,Pee Wee checks on both men to see if they are ok,Sabu gets up and drop kicks Al out of the ring,Sabu back flips out of the ring onto Al,Sabu gets up onto the ring and back flips onto Al again,theres a chair laying on the floor,Sabu tries to DDT Al onto the chair,Al hits Sabu in the tummy,Al DDT's Sabu onto the chair,theres a fan making sure both guys are ok,al gets up and pushes the fan!

Al gets back in the ring,Sabu tosses the chair into the ring,Al is halfway up the ladder,Sabu takes the chair and beans Al in the back,Al falls to the mat,Sabu knocks the ladder over and sets up the chair,Sabu picks up Al and slaps him in the corner once,twice,three times!Sabu runs to the other end of the ring and back and kicks Al in the head,Sabu lays Al on the mat,Sabu takes the chair and holds it to his butt(you know the move)Sabu jumps but Al gets out of the way,Al gets up and beans Sabu in the tummy with the chair,Al hits Sabu in the head with the chair,and then to the back!

Al rolls out of the ring,gets another chair and tosses it in the ring,then another,and another,and another,and another.Sabu swings at Al and messes Al punches Sabu,Al jumps off the top rope and Sabu falls onto all of Al's chairs.Al picks up Sabu and sets him on the turn buckle,Al sets up the ladder,climbs half way upand jumps and drop kicks Sabu to the outside of the ring,Pee Wee tosses all the chairs out of the ring.

Al starts up the ladder again,Sabu runs in and punches Al knocking Al off the ladder,Sabu drops the ladder and it lands on Ak's head,Sabu sets the ladder half way out of the ring and lays al on the ladder,Sabu jumps onto Al(the ladder was not out enough so Sabu pushes it out more)Sabu back flips from the rope but Al moves and Sabu crashes into the ladder,Sabu lays on the floor in pain!

Al climbs back in the ring and sets the ladder in the middle of the mat,Al rolls Sabu into the ring,Al picks up Sabu and drops Sabu onto the ladder,Al climbs to the second rope and back flips onto Sabu on the ladder,both men lay in pain.

They both get up0,Sabu slams Al's face to the mat,Sabu rolls Al outside the ring,Sabu tries to set the ladder up and sees Al trying to get back in the ring so Sabu hits al with the ladder knocking Al to the floor!

Sabu sets the ladder up again,Al tries to climb back into the ring,Sabu punches Al,back flips onto Al outside the ring,Al's head hits the outside mat pretty hard,Al lays there,Sabu walks over to the time keepers table and sets it in the middle of the room,Sabu rolls back into the ring and slides the ladder out onto the floor,Al gets up,Sabu beans Al with a chair,Sabu sets the ladder up outside the ring,Sabu walks back over to Al and chops Al,Sabu clotheslineeeees Al onto the table,Sabu fixes Al so he's in the middle of the table,Sabu climbs the ropes and onto the ladder,Sabu pushes the ladder and falls with it,Al jumps off the table just in time,Sabu rolls on the floor in pain!

Al and Sabu are at the top of the ladder punching each other in the face,Al reaches for the belt but starts to fall,Al is stuck in between the ladder holding on only with his arms,Sabu hits Al in the head,again and again and again,Al falls off the ladder,Sabu gets the belt Al pushes the ladder over,Sabu wins(see the HEAD was screwing the HEAD even in 1994)