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Our Native American Wedding


Medicine Man Ben:Any Cerimony of a medicine helper must be made in a good way.This means that you who are making a request of a medicine person,spiritual leader,elder,Pipe Carrier,it is customary to offer tobacco.This offering of tobacco is for the person's Spirit Helper.The medicine that one carries is yours. You can use whatever suites you and the request you are aking.Customarily people express their sincerity by this offering.You wish to ask someone to help you recognize what you already share,to help you with your commitment you have made to each other.I ask that you then offer me a pipe,the Sacred Pipe,filled with your prayers for what you want to express to each other.

A pipe is here,waiting for you.Sit in front of this alter.Smudge yourselfs,the pipe and the tobacco you will use.As you pray for each other,think about what you want me to do.When the pipe is filled to your liking,offer it to each other.Wayne will hold the pipe in his left hand,the bowl in the palm,the stem resting across his arm.You will both come to me and say"Uncle,we come with this pipe.We have put our prayers for each other into it.We are asking you to help us with this prayer for each other.Will you receive this pipe and perform a cerimony about us,so that we may walk in this world as Husband and Wife?"

If I can help you,I will accept this pipe and smoke it with you and my companion,Chris.

When the pipe has been smoked,I will fill it again for you.We will take this pipe to the place you have chosen for this cerimony.You should have all the instruments we have talked about,or as many of them as you have found,a blanket,a wreath of ceder,two hearts filled to bursting for love for each other,and big smiles,Grandfather is looking at you.We will then do this cerimony like this:

Holding the pipe,and eagle feather,wrapped inside the cedar wreath,Wayne will turn to Rosey and say some good words,expressing himself to Rosey.Start by saying,"With this pipe and upon this Eagle Feather I make this commitment to you Rosey,I ask you now to walk with me all the remaining days of my journey upon our Mother Earth".

If this appeals to you,Rosey,accept the pipe and Eagle Feather and say this to Wayne,"I accept this pipe and this Feather and I speak these words that are in my Heart,with this pipe and upon this Feather I ask you to take me on your journey.I will walk with you as friend and companion through all the days remaining of my own journey upon our Mother Earth.

Chris will hand each of you a match to light the pipe.You will smoke this pipe,sharing those prayers your favorite Uncle and Auntie have put in there for your Journey together.Start walking my Relatives.



Wayne:We were lucky enough to find that there was a Cedar tree in our yard,the week of the wedding I cut some branches from the tree and with string I tied the branches together into a wreath big enough for both of us to stand into with the branches resting on our shoulders,the blanket to be given to our new Uncle Ben was a blanket that belonged to Rosey's Mother who passed away some years back.

This opening cerimony took place in Ben and Chris's Apt.,filled with Indian Carvings,paintings ect,in the middle of the floor were set the things for the cerimony,a Deer horn,many kinds of Tabacco for us to pick from,the pipe, and some Sage for to use in which we would light and smudge,there were two small pillows for us to kneel on Rosey's with a painting of an Indian Woman,mine with an Indian man,after we smuged ourselfs Ben told us we must pick one of the Tabaccos to use,one packet was tabacco mixed together by a Great,Great Grandmother of Chris's who is said to be over 160 years old,this I thought was very spiritual and picked this Tabacco to use

We loaded up the piped and smoked the Tabacco,we then offered it to Ben asking him to help us in wedding us,Ben took the pipe and told us his story of how he became the Medicine Man of Turtle Island


We loaded the Cedar Wreath in the back of the car with Ben and Chris and Headed for the park we had picked out for the wedding,I had picked a spot on the South end of the park under a tree,we put the wreath over our shoulders,with Rosey on my right,Chris helped by video taping the wedding.....

Opening Prayer

Ben:Grandfather behold these two young people who are here to make their commitment to each other.Rosey and Wayne.They have been together for nine years now,learning to be man and woman together.It is with great pleasure and honor that I stand here with them to help them make this commitment.See how they have lived,Grandfather.Touch these two with your loving hands.Bless their union.Hear their prayer and love for each other.It is your way that a man and a woman shall find each other in this world,Grandfather.Rosey and Wayne have found completion in each other.That which is strong in one compliments the other.That which you have created,the sacred and beautiful is found in this union.

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"Look to the West,your Grandfather is standing there looking back at you,pray to him,pray to him,he is there looking back at you.Look to the North,your Grandfather is standing there looking back at you,pray to him,pray to him,he is there looking back at you. Look to the East,your Grandfather is standing there looking back at you,pray to him,pray to him,he is there looking back at you.Look to the South,your Grandfather is standing there looking back at you,pray to him,pray to him,he is there looking back at you.Look up above,your Grandfather is standing there looking back at you,pray to him,pray to him,he is there looking back at you.Look down below,your Grandmother is standing there looking back at you,pray to him,pray to him,he is there looking back at you.

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Ben:"Wayne to Rosey,Rosey to Wayne,Grandfather hear this prayer and commitment Rosey and Wayne are saying to each other"

Wayne's Dedication to Rosey:When I first seen you on the Ave,I know you were somebody I wanted to know.I can't tell you how happy I was when you finaly introduced yourself at the night club on the Ave.

We had some hard times,but I was so pleased when you came walking down the Ave and wrote to me,"Lets be friends,lets try again!"

Rose,I really don't mind what happens now and then as long as you'll be my friend till the end.

If and when I go cracy I know you will still call me your man,I know we will be alive and well,I'll keep you by my side,and know you'll be holding my hand.

I know you'll call me strong,you'll call me weak,but I'll be your man because some things are meant to be.

Shall I say that I couldn't help but falling in love with you?Take my hand,take my whole life too,because I can't help that I fell in love with you!

You know I love you and in your way you love me too and Rose I thank you for that!"

Rosey's Dedication to Wayne:I,Rose(state your last name),will remain to be with you for a very,very long time.As we know,because you're my best friend in the whole world.Not only that,you're my true paramour.You have good-natured sense of humour.It's what I especially love about you.In addition,you're also my protector.

You willingly would hear some things out for me,like you're my listening ears.

I'm already glad to have someone like you showing your immortal love and care for me than anyone could.If it's not for you,who knows where I am standing,or how I am like nowadays.I'll be standing by you and supporting you when both and good and bad positions or situations come on our path.And whatever decisions you're making.And I know you,my dear,will do the same in return.It's a great thing we have a lot of things in common to share and rejoice.You know how I express my affectionate love for you the extraordinary way.As long as we have each other evermore,it's all it matters!


Ben:"Grandfather behold this sacred cerimony.You have blessed these two young people,Rose and Wayne.Join them now in your special way,that all who would look upon them shall know they are husband and wife.From this day onward through all that they shall experience together,let no one stand between them. Grandfather,it is by your will only that all things have been made.It by your will only that all things have been made sacred and beautiful.Join Rose to Wayne and Wayne to Rose that they shall know the bond of matrimony.That they shall have a long and fruitfull life together,Grandfather,I ask that you place them in your loving home as they make their home together.that there may be children and Grandchildren to carry on this love that is being expressed today.Shine the sacred light as your love ever on them."

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