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Rose of Darkness

Full name: Rose Charley
Handles: IMMORTAL MISTRESS OF THE DARK, Rose of Darkness, ect.!
Date of birth: October 7, 1969
Siblings: 2 half-sisters/1 half-brother (NEVER MET 'EM!), 2 younger brothers.
Pets: 2 female cats.
Love interest: YOU GUESS WHO?!!!!! **SNEERING**
Hobbies: Reading sexology/natural healing books, drawing pictures, chatting. I like to find different educational stuff which most anthropoids aren't cognizant of. No questions asked, spang!
Future plans: To meet some professional wrestlers in the darkside of the Pacific Northwest, get out of the longevous sequestration I'm going through, going to reveal my pictures of myself in the chat room eventually! And work on longevity, ect. SPANG!
Person you would most like to meet: George Carlin, the number one comedian!
Fondest childhood memory: **Shaking her head no, expressionless** I couldn't recollect any.
Best advice ever received (by whom): "Your body is a divine temple. The doctor is not its caretaker. YOU are!" --Dr. John R. Christopher. **Bowing to him** Rest in Peace.
Pet peeve: Anthropomorphics who fear me for who and what I am! **EVIL GRIN**
Three wishes: 1.) Dwelling the the country where nobody finds me! 2.) Wipe off all kinds of mortal discrimination from the planet! 3.) No more neocheaters! No question asked, kiddies!
Biggest thrill in life: Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yesssss! I read and discovered that females have THREE g-spots! I did find mine already! Ohhhh! Oh, and men have ONE! I know where it is!!!!! **Evil snickering** Hahahahahaha.
If you could have done it differently: Help reducing the damn overpopulation! **Snarling silently**


Sport to watch: Professional wrestling, period. Yeah, it's an entertainment!
Sport to play: Playing with myself? **Demonical tittering** Hee hee hee hee hee.
Athlete: The Master of the Darkside, The Undertaker! (Mark Callaway)
Television show: The Simpsons or Duckman
Movie: Addams Family or Mistress of the Dark
Actor/Actress: The fictitious character, CryptKeeper of TALES FROM THE CRYPT?
Food: Fresh fruits! MMMMM!
Car: Nope, but I'll get GEO TRACKER soon coming to me! SPANG!