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Raw Magazine Letters to the Editor

World Wrestling Federation Magazine

August 1998

Talkin' The Talk

(Once again answering your letters is Managing Editor and World Wrestling Federation announcer Kevin Kelly.)


Dear Editor,

On a recent RAW IS WAR, when Al Snow made his return to the World Wrestling Federation, why did security have to immediately escort him out of the building as soon as he sat down at the commentators' table? Doesn't Jim Ross remember him from the last time he was in the Federation?

It's not like he was a threat to anyone - he just wanted to talk to Mr. McMahon! Also, what do you think Al wants to talk to McMahon about?

What is so important?

Imran a Majeed

Dear Imran,

Not a threat to anyone?!? The man carries a mannequin's head and has "Help Me!" written backwards on his forehead! He may not be a threat to only himself, but to anyone in his path as well.

As far as what Al wants to say to the owner of the company, who knows! For more on why Al Snow left the World Wrestling Federation, check out my article in the August issue of the RAW Magazine on newsstands July 28. Trust me, there is more to this one than meets the eye!

World Wrestling Federation Raw Magazine

February 1999


Dear Editor,I just finished reading the December issue of RAW Magazine, and I have one problem. In Jim Ross. "Ragin' Ross" column, I think that one of his statements is a little off track.

He says that Al Snow is giving everybody headaches, but I think Al is one of the best atheletes ever to enter the World Wrestling Federation. Ross may not get along with Snow, or was maybe insulted by Al when he was Leif Cassidy, but that's no reason to say that about him in the column.

I'd like to give J.R. some advice: he should give Al and Head some time, because before long "they" will be one of the hottest superstars in the sport!

Alex Reynoso

New Jersey