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My Epitaph

Wayne's Epitaph

As I try to write this I try to remember back to my childhood and the first thing that comes to mind is the big house on Millatary road,it seems to me that that house was very big and to this day I wish I could have gone back at least once to see if it was as big as I remembered it

The back yard in which we spent hours and hours playing Baseball,those Aluminum Foil Base Balls that once hit over the fence would get riped apart by the cray neighbor up the street "Boots",who would also try to hit us with rocks from her sling shot! and those nights in the Summer where we would sleep out under the stars....does anyone remember the cat we named Lu-lu?

Crying over trying to learn how to write the ABC's and learning to tell time,the sound of the machines off into the valley building the freeway,and walking to school with Sally Lang who always smelt like pee,and the day we seen the little deaf boy getting run over on his way to school

The one room Kidnegarden next to the Elementery school,I don't remember much but for the fact that we would get Gram Crackers before a nap

The first day of school at Bow Lake Elementery and getting heat from a Teacher for throwing pin cones at the little girls,my first grade Teacher Mrs.Shirly who I can only remember that she wore glasses,and Mrs Swift the second time in 3rd grade,and the killing of JFK

Playing"Red Rover-Red Rover,and the Canavels they had each year,going out Trick or Treating and getting Pillow cases full of candy,walking to and from school which also seemed quite a walk,and being a safty Guard

Summers full of Little League Baseball,swimming at Bow Lake,and once old enough Bike Riding and visiting at my friend Terry Isabell who when girls would come visiting would lock me in a closet or shot me with his bee bee gun

At home spending my time drawing and playing football in the basement with Terry and Lynn's stuffed Animals(no skinkie jokes here Val!),and wasn't I in love with Doris next door and would not I give her flowers all the time?....but wasn't there a family that lived next door whos little daughter was the first girl I ever kissed?....thank you every much Terry!

Vacations that were never that fun with Fishing and that God Damn stew that Dad always loved to make which I just hated,Deer Hunting that was always depresing and in which I only went along to keep Dad happy but I never ever enjoyed going

Christmas in which we would spend time between Moms family and Dads family which I found more fun because they were so odd,or visiting grandma and grandpa Ward,Chuck and his Garden and drawing and playing in their basement where Uncle Harry would be sleeping and would ask us to SHUT UP by saying"Radio!",and would call me John Wayne,and their dog Skeder

Bowling every Saturday Mornings which we all enjoyed and was very much a part of the familys life for some time

Moving on to Chinook Jr High School where I first started to notice girls and saw man land on the Moon,and the Roller Skating at Tiffinies in Kent where I seem to remember a girl named Judy who would pick me all the time from Ladies choice,and the Chubby girl who was my girlfriend but who I could not break up with till I got my watch back,and the Girl who Tommy Bolster had giving me her phone number who I would talk to for hours but when we finaly meet at Southcenter was so bad looking I never called her again,and girls not caring too much for me as from being fat and the zits on my face and because my lips were so messed up from picking them but there was still Baseball and art which I stiff loved

On to Tyee High School and a whole new world,I droped all my old friend to hang out with Val and her friends,we all became Jesus Freakes which was the in thing at the time,and my love for a girl named Gloria in which we went to a church together in which they spoke in tounges,around the same time I was turned into drugs ie pot and hash but I have to say I never enjoyed but it did turn me off of Baseball which Jodi and Holly would come to watch me play