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Avatar is back

Well should have known that Al would go more off the deep end,on Raw Al comes down the ramp dressed as Avatar if you missed it this is the shooot


Do not fear Citizans,Avatar is there!I am here to protect the World Wrestling Federation from evil bad do'ers,and from Giant Nuclear Monsters spawned in Japan!

So rest you'r weary heads Citizans because Avatar is here!

At this point Al snaps out of it and looks at himself

Al:What the hell am I doing??Where the hell am I at!?Oh my God,no!,oh no!,why am I wearing these genie pants for?!,oh Jesus no!please help me,oh my God!The last time they made me wear this outfit you could of stuffed a magnet up my ass and stuffed me through Fort Knox,I still wouldn't have drawn money!

At this point Al really starts to get upset

Al:Oh please God,not again,this has to be a bad dream,tell me this is not happening,I am not Avatar again,I am not Avatar,oh God!This is....I'm really losing it now,Ha Ha,Ha,Ha,

At this point Al starts barking like a dog,jumps out of the ring and runs over to J.R. and the King and starts writing on some paper and mumbling something,Al then runs on up the ramp as the fans bark aka Rick Steiner